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10 ways to give a second life to an empty can of chips!

When the chips have already been eaten, and the cardboard tube can still remain, you should not hurry to throw it out. After all, you can find a lot of ways of original and useful use of this item in everyday life. Vase With a flick of the wrist, an empty pot of chips turns into a ... decorative vase. Just need to issue the outer side of any materials at hand.
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Design and Architecture

Palace in a village near Bryansk

Woodcutter Vladimir Filippovich Akulov became famous thanks to the palace he created himself. One day, a self-taught master visited the famous Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg and decided to by all means embody the beauty of the Catherine Epoch at home. Those with whom the master shared his idea skeptically smiled, and said that this would take a lifetime and a royal budget.
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How to Make Chocolate from Cocoa Powder at Home

Most of us are not so easy to get all the necessary ingredients for making chocolate. This manual will tell you how to make chocolate from cocoa powder at home. At home means that we will use the usual ingredients that are easily available, what is already at home or in the nearest store.
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25 of the strangest superstitions from around the world

Who among us, even if we are from a number of not very superstitious people, did not flinch when he discovered Friday, the 13th on the calendar, and did not doubt whether to go the way, which the black cat ran across? In the world there are many no less ridiculous and stupid superstitions - for each culture of their own. In this post - the 25 most strange superstitions of the world!
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5 quick ways to return white sneakers to their previous look

White sneakers look beautiful and impressive, but they become soiled quickly and easily. Over time, they appear yellow patina, and the once beautiful white sneakers lose their original appearance. However, there are 5 effective ways to clean them. Moreover, all the “ingredients” are simple, and you will most likely find most at home!
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