Foot Jewelry: Bracelets and Barefoot

We are preparing our legs for the summer season. In place of winter boots and shoes came summer sandals.

We will arrange a spa treatment for the legs: a fragrant bath, a soft scrub and a cooling cream. Here it is - summer lightness and carelessness. Already I want to run on the sand along the coast.

The best decoration for your feet in the summertime will be anklets and barfoot - jewelery braiding the toe and locking around the ankle. On all the beaches of the world, you can see women's legs, decorated with all kinds of bracelets and barfoot, which is gaining its popularity. It looks feminine and sexy. After all, no wonder the poets of the last century glorified the beauty of female legs.

Foot ornaments are made from all sorts of materials: beads, beads, rustling pendants, leather, laces, polymer clay, foamiran, semiprecious stones and rhinestones, they are knitted with knitting needles and a shuttle. Space for fantasy needlewomen.

In appearance, the decorations are diverse and are presented in different styles. From elegant thin gold chains to massive jewelry with rhinestones and stones. Jewelry should be selected on an individual basis, focusing on comfort and personal preferences.

As is customary in the fashion show in conclusion Wedding dress for the legs.

Health, beauty and lightness of your legs.