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How to make a garden decorative path when too lazy

Posted by: zipzip

After a dirty building disaster, the site was gradually cleared of rubbish, stumbled across all the bushes and flowers, and I decided to make a lawn. And where is the lawn and the track. Due to the fact that laziness was born before me, I really did not want to do difficult and long. And so this was born. It may be slightly clumsy, but my child and I love him

Our markup is everything. Therefore, he marked out, took a shovel and began to dig-dig-dub. It turned out like this. Some photos have blue tubes. This is a watering system.

When I'm lazy, I don't usually do anything, but for the work of Zelenka


Digging in a beautiful place)

We buy dense geotextiles and put them in a dug trench. He will not let our rubble float to the ground. And we begin to carry and fall asleep rubble


Track looms

simultaneously spill water and rammer


And we pour, and pour


Cardio load with weighting

We work-admire-pour water




And a bit more

And a little bit more

Raven eyes view

Checking the thin soles to refute the statement "will stick in the leg!" Does not stick.

We cut all unnecessary

From all sides we cut and remove the protruding geotextiles.

Cooking the land under the lawn, flowers, table greens

And further

Grass has risen

Wrong some kind of weed)))