When there is no money, and I want new furniture

Author: Lyudmila Pletneva

Recently renovated apartment. The money ran out, but I also wanted to update the furniture a little. I present my creations to your discussion. Do not judge strictly, if possible. Master class can not imagine, was done on a whim. Ideas were born in the process. In principle, the basic picture is clear.

There was an old scary writing desk. Terribly wanted to throw in the trash, but the money to buy a new one left. But there were building materials. I decided to glue the table with beautiful wallpaper.

Table washed. Not skin, because there was no polishing on it. Tried on what enough wallpaper. The surfaces where it is difficult to glue, and for which the wallpaper is clearly not enough, painted with acrylic paint.

When the paint is dry, wallpaper is glued onto a normal wallpaper glue. On the table top and on the side walls glued with a margin on the edges about a centimeter. Then, without waiting for drying, cut off the excess blade. Boxes glued one canvas, cut the edges immediately. I cut the boxes after drying.

A day later, she covered everything with two layers of transparent varnish and replaced the handles on the drawers.

Did 4 months ago. Nothing rips up anywhere. There are no problems to wash.