The craftswoman sewed a clothesline with colored threads to make a practical and beautiful bag.

Charming beach bag in the style of "ombre" will be a hit this summer to the envy of all the familiar fashionistas. You can make an elegant beach bag of any size from an ordinary light beige clothesline. If you make the idea exactly in the style of "ombre" (smooth color transition), and even decorate the bag with a decor of tassels, you will get a stylish designer item.

To make such a beach bag out of the rope with your own hands, you will need:

  • 60-90 meters of cotton clothesline 5-7 mm thick
  • 5-6 spools of threads of different shades, selected in the style of "ombre"
  • sewing machine
  • scissors

Fold the end of the rope in half a distance of about 15-20 cm and sew on the sewing machine these 2 pieces of rope with a zigzag stitch.This will be the middle of the base of the bag. Next, moving the base in a circle, add new turns of rope, continuing to zigzag stitch.

You can use white threads to stitch the bottom of the bag, as in the photo, or you can also sew the bottom of the darkest of selected shades, gradually changing the color to light to the upper border of the bag. The required bottom size is determined by yourself.

When the base is ready, you can proceed to the sides of the bag. Replace the threads in the sewing machine with colored ones, such as pink ones and start sewing the rope at an angle.

Hold the base at a 90 degree angle and continue to rotate the base while sewing.

Continue to sew the rope, if desired, change the thread to another color. If you want to make the sides of the bag wider, then make a sharper angle of inclination and you will notice how the bag gets wider.

Continue sewing until you reach the desired height of the bag.

Squeeze the sides of the bag and mark the places of future pens.

Place the bag again on the sewing machine and sew to the marked places of the handles. Make a few zig-zag stitches back and forth to strengthen the handles. Pull the rope to the size of the handle - on this part of the rope do not need to do stitches. Start sewing the rope from the marked place in a circle.

Repeat from the opposite side. Make sure that the length of the handles was the same on both sides. When you sew a full circle, again you pull the rope and sew it with the previous rope (handle).

This way you should have three stitched strings of rope for the handle.

Roomy and durable bag of rope ready. This way you can create baskets, beach hats and more. Dare and you will succeed! If desired, decorate the bag with tassels, pompoms of colored thread!