That's what the Poles invented on the Baltic beaches ... How do you like this idea?

So, look at the picture below ... At first it may seem that this is just a bright summer photo from the sea coast, but let's take a closer look ... The whole coastal zone is divided into certain parts :) These are the realities of the Polish beaches on the Baltic Sea.

Who and why the first time so delimited the area of ​​the beach, history is silent :)

But it is in Poland that such a fashion has recently appeared.

Everyone is trying to "bite off" the best part of the beach cake :)

From a height, it all looks very bright and positive, but what really?

And in fact, it turns out that you want to go somewhere, and then suddenly the border has grown and go look for workarounds.

You go, you walk along such a maze to the sea, bam, and access is blocked, well, then, turn around and shurui back :)

In general, this behavior looks rather strange, do not you think? it feels like these are introverted beaches ...

Moreover, fans of these fences are located, as a rule, along the coastline, and those who came just to sunbathe on towels or loungers are placed on the remaining space behind the entire planet.

Rescuers have their own mulch on this score :) Well, if there are these fences everywhere, so while jumping through them, there will be nobody to save. Because they bought a bigger fence and stretched it to the sea, thus showing their superiority :)

I wonder what the beauty of such things? Unless there is no wind, and not even look at the sea.

The man on the left is clearly preoccupied with finding a way out ... Go in — go in, take a swim, and go out — already fences are everywhere ...: D

And everything looks so bright and beautiful :)

That's something they pomelochilis, it was necessary to immediately install on the whole beach ...

And do not think that if you come in the morning, you can take a place under the sun, it was not there :)