The most effective way to whiten laundry at home

It’s uneconomical to use dry cleaning services, and you don’t want to carry bags on the bus. If there is an extra half an hour, then it is enough to use tips on how to whiten the laundry at home, and the problem of white linen will be solved easily.

A washing machine in the house is half the battle. But for greater effect, it is recommended to pre-soak the laundry in a soapy solution. Use better soap, and the water should be barely warm.

WITHlinen and cotton fabrics will have to tinker. But if you know how to bleach grayed linen and adapt, then everything is much easier than it seems. First, clothes need to be brought to a boil in clean water, then put in the solution and leave for a day.

The composition of the solution:

  • 50 g of commercial planed soap
  • 2 tbsp. ammonia,
  • 3 tbsp. turpentine.

This laundry is easily washed and manually, but then it must be boiled again with alkali and soda. Finally rinse, hang out in the fresh air. Clothes for a long time then will not need to be bleached, and washing will be enough in normal mode.

Kitchen towels and similar things, where fatty spots predominate, wipe away mustard. 2 tbsp. mustard powder diluted in a liter of hot water and let it brew. Strain, dilute in the required amount of water and soak towels overnight. Wash normally. The towels are whitened and disinfected, and the design will only become brighter.

White things turn yellow from old age or laundry. Advice on how to whiten washed clothes, simple - along with the powder in water you need to add ammonia. Even old things after a few similar procedures will "rejuvenate."

Silk and wool items soak in solution: 10 liters of water 50 grams. washing powder, 6 tbsp. spoons of salt, a tablespoon of liquid ammonia and the same 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. Hold clothes for about five hours and then wash in a delicate wash.

Socks and socks You can soak in warm water by adding 2 tbsp. spoons of boric acid is an excellent prevention of fungal diseases. And you can bring to a boil in water with powder. So you can bleach and T-shirts. Then wash in normal mode.

And in this way, how to whitenlinensgrayed or faded, enjoyed by our ancestors. Boil underwear for 40 minutes, adding 2 tbsp to the water. 3% hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. As water evaporates, add water so that everything is covered with laundry.

I predict a logical question: why soak and boil separately, if all these modes are in a typewriter machine? They do exist even in old models, but modern bleachers and industrial laundry detergents should be used for such operations.

If you use the above tips on how to whiten clothes at home, get more economical, and most importantly, more effective.