Realistic dolls of the American craftswoman Jeanne Gross

Posted by: Mamulin Stocks (mamylin)

When I saw the works of the American craftswoman Jeanne Gross, I gasped! What skill, what talent.

Amazing wizard! Looks like some dolls look like faces, and the dolls themselves are so different. So much so that I would buy one, but this one is not. A mimic as transmitted, even a slight eyebrow fracture is shown with a change in the structure of the triangle above the nose. And all this is gentle and natural.

Genie resides in the US Sedro-Wooley, Washington state. She studied puppet art at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (Graduate School at the Museum of Fine Arts) in Boston. Born in 1957

And adults need a fairy tale - this can be said about the work of the American craftswoman Jinna Gross, who creates stunningly realistic porcelain dolls, looking at which you might think that they are all alive.

The genie creates truly beautiful dolls, each of which is made in a single copy. Currently creates dolls from porcelain. She is fascinated by the creation of different versions of the same doll, she sews different outfits for them, creates different wigs. It uses only natural and expensive materials, such as: porcelain, textiles, handmade glass (from which the eyes are made), fluffy cilia and wigs from natural hair, and for suits, dresses and hats - silk, batiste, wool and lace.

And look at what kids. Well, aren't they a MIRACLE!

Here in these photos the faces are taken close-ups.

I think this is written about her:

"Fairy dolls created,

Master, conjured,

All she touched

Come to life, woke up.

And in her hands obediently

Got dolls of the soul ... "

Well, how not to believe, looking into such lively eyes, that the dolls also have a soul!

See what they are without clothes

I was especially touched by the back with bulging spatulas in the last photo - amazing realism!

I would be glad if you were interested to meet such amazing dolls.