Necklace of scarves and kerchiefs: fashionable and stylish

The necklace from a scarf and kerchief has been popular for several years. This is a fashionable women's accessory that combines a beautiful short necklace with a scarf or kerchief. It can also be called textile jewelry.

Unusual handmade scarf necklace:

First of all, to create a necklace, pick up a scarf or a scarf from a pleasant, soft and thin material that drapes beautifully and is easy to stretch through the clutch and rings that you picked up.

Necessary materials:

  • scarf
  • coupling
  • pendant
  • rings
  • pliers

Use pliers to open the ring, connect the clutch and pendant, then close it. Next, gently pull the scarf through the hole of the sleeve and place it in the middle of the scarf.

Then your imagination will help you to decorate the scarf in an original way, adding beautiful rings or balls, and the unique accessory is ready!

Scarf through the ring

In order for your scarf or kerchief to be original, we found for you a hint on how to drag the scarf through the ring or clutch without damaging it. Cut a small piece of waxed paper, and then wrap a corner of the scarf. Gently pull the wax paper with the scarf through the ring until you reach the desired location. Carefully remove wax paper. In the same way, remove metal jewelry from a scarf.