Photo masters who decided to share their ideas of the organization of the working space

A room, or at least a small box or corner where materials for needlework are stored, should not only be conveniently organized, although this is the first and most important condition. Well, when just looking in the direction of bright ribbons, beads and pieces of material, the craftswoman receives inspiration for creativity. Here are some photos of masters who have decided to share their ideas of organizing the working space.

Old ironing board

Who could have imagined that the grid of an old ironing board could be an excellent platform for dislocating a whole troop of spools of thread?

Candy Tick Tack Containers

A very convenient place to store small tapes is Tick Tak containers.


Good old clothespins reliably protect the floss threads or yarn from tangling.

Plastic pipes

This is similar to a game with a constructor, only parts for organizing tapes are purchased from a building materials store. They are inexpensive, simple and practical to use.

Eared cork seals for storing filaments

These cute cats-bobbins reliably store short threads and elastic bands, while they look very cute in the box.

Wooden box for adhesive tapes

If you are already fond of the work of the tape company WASHI TAPE, then this idea of ​​the organization probably will have to your taste.

Side of the crib

The baby has grown up and moved into a bigger bed, and the side of the bed can now be used to organize pieces of fabric. It looks decorative!

Velcro jars

Brilliant and colorful paints in transparent jars, mounted on a corkboard and placed in a frame, deserve to serve as an art object in the house. Beautiful and very practical!

Plastic tubes

Place a sample of a button on the lid of plastic tubes so that the search for buttons collected in tubes lasts no longer than a moment!

Glass jars with lids for storing tapes

Tapes and threads are clearly visible and are remarkably stored in glass jars, suspended on a wire or cord.

Old stool

The old unstable stool after painting can be turned upside down and, having put on wheels, to make of it a mobile storage for art projects. Photo instructions below.

Storing glitter for dresses

If you often work with glitter, you will like the idea of ​​storage in plastic jars and boxes with many compartments.

Add shine to your workplace

For storing brushes, you can adjust the usual glass, but why not add a little shine by sprinkling some paint inside? It looks original.

Tray for metal buckets with magnets

Strong magnets are glued to the bottom of a round wooden board to hold metal pails with pencils on the surface. Some things, for example, colored pencils, it is better not to put them in the closet, but keep them close at hand. This invariably gives children the idea of ​​drawing. Great for developing imagination!

Folders in the drawer

Many documents are now stored in digital form, in the "clouds" and on computers. Due to this fact, it is possible to purchase old folders with metal holders, and even cabinets with them, not expensively or for free. They perfectly cope with the storage of small pieces of fabric.

Plastic pipes for storage of markers

Another idea with plastic pipes. Fits great for storing markers.

Decorated plastic tubes as shelves for paint cans

Wall mat with pockets for small items

Shelf with glass jars.

A small workshop on the photo.

Gift paper in a plastic case for clothes

Some gold in the craft room

This stand can be made of jars, gluing them with very strong glue (“liquid nails”) and covered with gold metallic.

Solid wooden shelves with sections

Scissors hangers