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Unique living house-garden in an urban setting

The ideas of creating a garden city and even a house garden always attract the inhabitants of our beautiful planet. Some lucky people succeed in turning the dream of a house among the green foliage in the very center of the metropolis into reality, combining the advantages of urban dwelling and living in the fresh air.

Architect Luciano Pia presented to the world a unique eco-friendly house called 25 Verde, built in the Italian city of Turin. The concept of the architect was to organically combine the residential and external space of the building. According to the accomplished plan of Lucciano, the whole structure resembles a large expanded crown of a tree. The supporting structure of the house is made of steel. Columns in the form of tree trunks help support 63 residential apartments, the outer walls of which are covered with larch tiles.

beppe giardino

Vertical gardens and flower beds form the green walls of the house. All apartments in the building are different and are equipped with unusual terraces around the trunks of trees.

beppe giardino

The residents of the upper floors have their own small roof gardens.

Plants in pots and 50 trees planted along and inside the perimeter of the house muffle the city noises and complement the forest composition, which looks like a breathing freshness oasis among ordinary glass and concrete structures.

beppe giardino beppe giardino

The unique project of a green city house has become a model of energy saving. The house uses geothermal energy for heating and cooling, provides for the collection of rainwater for irrigation of plants and natural ventilation flow.

beppe giardino

Over time, the trees that have become part of the building will grow, creating their own microclimate. When the plant life reaches full bloom, the inhabitants will be able to fully enjoy the privilege of living in a village house located in the center of a million-plus city.

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