Elegant basket: knit it for long, but use options for as long as you want

The dense graceful basket from a cotton cord looks self-sufficient. Knit it for long, but use options as much as you want. This thing can be used to store all sorts of small things or create a design composition. Time to work will take a little. In this case, the results of labor can be admired for more than one year.

Knitting baskets: step by step

The basket can be monophonic or combine several colors. Unlike threads, this material will provide additional rigidity to the finished product.

For work you will need:

  • 2 coils of cotton cord;
  • hook of suitable diameter;
  • needle with a large eye;
  • scissors.

1. We form a large loop, which will become the basis for creating a circle, and fix it.

2. We knit 7 semi-columns with a crochet around the loop.

3. An additional loop connect the semi-columns in the ring. The total number of loops in the circle is 8.

4. We increase the number of loops by half, provyazyvaya for this by 2 semi-columns through each of the loops of the previous row. Now loops - 16.

5. We bring the bottom of the basket to the desired diameter, constantly increasing the number of loops. Increment step 1: 2 (in each second loop we knit two loops instead of one).

6. The bottom of the desired size is ready. At this point it is important to bring the knitting to the end of the row.

7. We form bumpers. To do this, in each of the loops of the bottom we knit one column with a crochet.

8. Again, go to the column without nakida and knit, without adding a loop, the required number of rows until the beginning of work with a different color.

9. Continue knitting with a cord of a different color.

10. To form handles on each of the sides, we leave 7 loops on each side, replacing them with a chain of 7 air loops. It is important to locate the pens as accurately as possible and make an equal distance between them.

11. Knit the last row. Tighten the last loop and cut the thread so that it is convenient to work with a needle. Using a needle we hide tails.

Decorative basket is ready. You can safely proceed to its filling.