Sacking, a little glue - and you have a masterpiece!

Do you like tinkering, but are you fed up with the usual fabrics and materials for needlework? We offer to experiment with such unassuming-looking material as coarse burlap. Jewelry made from it looks very original and fresh.

All you need is:

  • scissors
  • PVA glue
  • glue brush
  • ruler
  • sackcloth

Cut off a strip of length 20 cm, and a width of 5 cm.

Pulling the threads on the sides.

Our fabric takes the form:

Putting glue on the edges of the strip, fold it in half.

With glue, we wrap the resulting product on a skewer, stick or pencil.

We are almost ready flower.

Remove it from the wand, coat the base with glue and leave to dry.

And now the fun part! Easily push your finger on the flower ...

And it is dissolved!

From the bag you can create a lot more beautiful things:

Be bold and do not be afraid to dream!