For a holiday

Not trivial ideas decorating Easter eggs

The bright holiday of Easter is impossible to imagine without a lush Easter cake and decorated eggs. But who said that eggs can only be painted? Let's put the stickers and paint aside for a while and admire the amazing examples of Easter eggs design. They really feel sorry for them - they turned out so beautiful!

Eggs decorated with confetti

Bright Easter eggs in a different design

Easter egg with gold splashes

Moss covered egg

Egg coasters for rosebuds

Sprinkled paint easter eggs

Cute chicken eggs

"Tattoos" with insects and birds

Gradient Painted Eggs

Silk Easter eggs

These easter eggs are just space

Marble Easter Egg

Beaded Egg

It uses only green and white paint.

Very simple and cute at the same time.

Not an egg, but a real mini-florarium

Feathered Easter Eggs

Not simple, but gold

Eggs in ice cream design

Patterned Easter Eggs