For the House and Cottages

Great idea, which requires only a couple of unnecessary pillows.

If you have a couple of pillows, which are pretty hard, and they are already awkward to sleep, then look closely at this idea. Perhaps a compact, foldable, comfortable mattress of pillows is what you need!

To sew such a comfortable thing, you need quite a bit:

  • 3-5 pillows (depending on their size and the desired length of the mattress) or sintepon;
  • 3-5 pillowcases (or pieces of fabric in size);
  • sewing machine or thread with a needle;
  • buttons.

The process is very simple: sew pillowcases between each other so that the hole remains on the side. Sew buttons to it. Fill the pillowcases with pillows, and a simple mattress is ready!