These mimimish know how to cheer up! Crochet them

Small teddy bears love both children and adults. But who said that the animals are well obtained only from plush? Knitting yarn allows you to create equally interesting and cute toys.

Make a ring of 8 loops, the next row knit 2 loops from one - it will be 16. In the third row there will be 24 loops, as in several after it (everything is knitted from light threads).

Enter the brown thread: the first row without additions, the next - two loops from one. Again without additions ... the next row: 2 loops add, two knit one of one. Next, the bear’s forehead becomes tied up - we add loops on the top, but not on the bottom.

Next come a few rows without additions to the top of the head. After this, the loops decrease to a convex shape. Embroider bear nose and mouth, sew eyes from beads.

For the ears, 7 loops are gathered into the ring, in the next row 14, after no additions (it will roll). When the eye has got out, we turn down. We sew parts to the teddy's head.

The body begins with a ring of 9 loops, from which we make 18 in the second row. After rows of 27 loops, 36 and 45. Several rows (depending on the height of the toy) are knitted without additions. After the loop is reduced, the torso is filled with upholstery and closes.

For the legs, a ring of 8 loops, then 16, 24. Bate as necessary, then stuff and sew to the body.

Clothes for bears can be knitted directly on the body, adding bright threads, or make it removable. You can add shorts, caps, dresses. It will be interesting to look at toys with small buttons or textile details.