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How to remove soap bloom

I think this is familiar to most of us. Hard water and soap make the surface of a ceramic tile or glass dull and unsightly. Of course there are a lot of products that promise to save you from this raid, which is pursuing your bathroom, but most of them contain rather aggressive chemicals. In addition, over time, soap raid returns.

I will tell you how to get rid of soap scum without using a gas mask while cleaning the shower stall or bathroom. This recipe will make your walls flawless.

By the way, the materials to be used are quite possibly already at your home.

Let's start!

Stage 1: Method One

For this method, you will need wipes that are used for drying clothes in a tumble dryer. Wipes will do even if you have already used them a couple of times when drying. We have them quite difficult to buy because Dryers are not popular. I brought a friend from America. I saw on sale Lenor and some other Japanese.
In general, I highly recommend (if space permits) a tumble dryer, after it (using these napkins), the laundry does not need ironing and has a pleasant aroma. Something I was distracted, back to our method ...

You just need to soak the napkins with tap water, squeeze out excess water and you can start cleaning. A little effort, and you will see how the surface is cleaned and the soap is removed. As necessary, wash the cloth and continue cleaning.
Why does this work? Who knows ... but it works just fine!

Stage 2: Method Two

Oddly enough for this method you need Culinary spray. If you do not know what it is, then I will tell you. Culinary spray is an aerosol spray containing a mixture of various oils under pressure, which is offered to us instead of the traditional oils that we use to prepare (fry) products. This spray is very convenient to lubricate the surface for frying: grates, trays, etc., etc. Personally, I ordered myself several times with Amazon PAM Culinary Spray.

So, if you suddenly had such a spray on hand)) (I recommend ordering for a sample). Shake the can thoroughly and from a distance of about 15 cm lightly spray the spray onto the surface to be cleaned. Wait 5-10 minutes (I do not recommend leaving it longer, otherwise it will be difficult to remove it) and rinse with plain warm or soapy water, depending on how much you need to wash off, you can add dish detergent.

Why does this work? A long list of oils in the composition of the culinary spray helps dissolve soap and limescale, without damaging the surface being cleaned.

Stage 3: Before and After

Look, I hope you see the difference? In the second photo, you can say that the glass is not visible at all, so clean and so clean it turned out.

It will be interesting to know in the comments, your recipes, how best to remove soap bloom.