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How to weave a pigtail waterfall

I will teach you to weave a pigtail Waterfall. This is a simple braid that can be woven in different directions and at different angles, it resembles a curved French braid.

Stage 1: Hair Preparation

My hair is quite long, but in fact it is not mandatory conditions for weaving a pigtail waterfall.
We comb hair back. You can use the gel Biosilk for better retention of hair.

Stage 2: Start Weaving

Start with a curl of hair in the center of the head (with the parting line). Curl take a width of about 3 cm.

We divide it into 3 parts and begin to weave a pigtail. At this stage, weave a regular braid, I think everyone knows it well. So we continue, until the length of the pigtail is about 2 cm.

Now the waterfall begins. Take the farthest from your face lock, launch it into a braid, as you usually do, but then hang it completely down. A curl of pigtails will go over it and hold it in place.

So, to get a waterfall, you grab a new strand from above, skip through a pigtail and hang it down. The locks of the main pigtail will hold it from above and below. Then we take a new curl to replace the one that you just brought down and the operation is repeated. In words it is sometimes very difficult to explain the weaving of hair. I hope this gif file and photos will help you.

Stage 3: Creating a Waterfall

Time after time we repeat this operation, grabbing a new strand from above, passing it through a pigtail and hanging it down. All the time you need a new curl to “feed” your pigtail.

In the first photo you can clearly see that the first curl, which we took from above, goes down. Also visible is the strand that holds this curl in place.

Stage 4: Continuing the pigtail

We continue weaving spinning the pigtail around the head, to the opposite ear.

Step 5: Finishing the Pigtail

As you can see in the photos, the pigtail was started on one side of the parting and finished at my ear on the opposite side. So we used all the hair that was combed back. As soon as your braid reaches this stage, it is necessary to continue to weave the pigtail a few more centimeters (without the waterfall), and then tie it. If you want the end of a pigtail, you can hide it under your hair using hairpins (see photo).

Stage 6: Done!

All is ready! As you can see weave a pigtail waterfall is quite simple. When you practice, you can show imagination and get amazing patterns.