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8 vegetables that you can buy once, and then always grow

Everyone loves salads with fresh herbs. This is especially true in cold seasons, when there is no access to dacha beds. What to do if you really want something fresh, and you don’t really want to buy greens stuffed with various chemicals in a supermarket? You can always grow it at home, because most of it grows very quickly in water and gives a new crop. Such a small greenhouse will provide you with an inexhaustible source of vitamin, which is so necessary for our body, but they are very lacking in the cold season. This will help give strength to your health for every day. It is very easy to always have fresh greens on the table. Many plants immediately germinate in the water and produce a new crop.

Today we will tell you about vegetables that you can buy once, and then grow at home.


Place a small process of basil 3-4 cm long in a glass of water in direct sunlight. When they double, you can plant a plant in the soil. Basil will again be lush and healthy.

Green onions

Green onions will grow again if left in a small glass with roots in water. The room where it will grow should be well lit.


Garlic sprouts well and can grow further in a glass of water. Garlic sprouts are very delicate in taste, it is great to add them to salads and sauces.

Bok Choi (Chinese cabbage)

In a well-lit room, place the root of the plant in water. Keep it there for 1-2 weeks, after which you can transplant cabbage into the pot. There she grows into a full cabbage.


Cut the tops of carrots germinate well in water. They will delight you with bright greens for salads.


Cut off the celery base and place it in a saucer with warm water in the sun. The leaves will begin to grow in the middle of the base, then you can transplant it.

Romain salad

The salad will come to life again if you hold it in water for several days so that the water covers half of the plant. After this, new leaves will immediately appear, and the plant will again be planted in the ground.

Coriander (cilantro)

Coriander sprouts well in water. Try to plant it, and a fragrant sprout will immediately delight you with a riot of greenery.

Grow tasty and healthy herbs at home. This is a real treasure of izvitaminov and useful substances. Strengthen the health of your body throughout the year. Diversify your winter salads with summer freshness. After all, it is so especially tasty when they are made from the greens that you have grown yourself. We wish you good health!

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