Design and Architecture

Unusual design wall clocks

Here are samples of original design solutions for wall clocks. Some specimens are pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of the idea and the low cost of execution. Others, by contrast, are the most complex kinetic sculptures.

1. Watch “Random factor”. The peculiarity of the watch is that, at the request of their owner, the numbers can be attached to the wall anywhere.

2. Watch player. Made from recycled Sanyo player. Plates can be changed.

3. Mathematical clock-board.

4. Domino watches.

5. The designer used dominoes to represent the time. The number of points on the tiles corresponds to hours and minutes.

6. Watch-tree.

7. Time for them to calculate hard, but the interior just diversify.

8. A reminder of the transience of time and the insane creativity of the great Salvador Dali.

9. The sundial. The numbers are perpendicular to the dial, and time can be seen on the shadow cast by them.


11. Watch fan.

12. The original volumetric clock shows time in three dimensions.

13. Watch, color blind. The dial is a test for color blindness. A person with normal vision will see the numbers 12, 3, 6, 9.

14. Hours "Infinity of time". The minute hand is spinning at the tip of the sentry, and at the end of it the second is spinning. All together it creates interesting geometric shapes, but at the same time it shows time correctly.

15. Watch “Small time”. At the ends of the hands are magnifying glasses, with which you can see the microscopic numbers on the dial.

16. Watch “Make an offer”. You can write words on a clean plastic dial, which with the help of the verb-link is is transformed every hour into a new sentence.

17. The original desk clock disguised as a stack of books.

18. Watch-eyes. Time is shown by rotating pupils.

19. Silent linear Mhin watches are made of metal, ceramics and rubber.


21. Watch-reel. Successful use of old tape.

22. “Excess” hours. 50 small clock mechanisms at the same time work, every hour laying out the name of the hour hands. Now they show four (four).

23. Hours “Time value”. As the arrows you can use any material that fits in the holes of the watch mechanism.


25. Diamantini & Domeniconi wall clocks remind you of how quickly time runs away from us.

26. Hours in hours.

27. Watch “Palette”. Made from old vinyl record and multi-colored guitar pick.

28. Watch “Explosion”. Design: Fratelli Campana.

29. Watch “The belt of time”. The philosophical design of the wall clock of the Georgian designer Giorgi Popiashvili demonstrate that time does not change. Things change as time goes on.