Properly placed lighting on the ceiling

An important part of the repair - the installation of proper lighting in the room. Before you install the chandeliers and spotlights on the ceiling, you need to think about their layout. Here are the following rules.
The chandelier is usually hanged exactly in the center of the room. However, if it has several functional areas, the chandelier can be located in the middle of one of them.

If you conceived a symmetrical composition of point lights, calculate the distance between them and the wall so that all these segments were equal to each other.

In this case, spotlights have no closer than 20 cm from the wall. If the ceiling is stretched - then at least 15 cm from its seams. But on the location of the windows you can not navigate, the main thing - to get the general sufficient illumination of the room.

One lamp can cover up to 2 square meters. m rooms. But better in their calculations come from 1.5 square meters. m for every spot spot.